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Rotary Raffle Tickets

We are selling raffle tickets for the Apple Valley Rotary Scholarship Foundation again this year. The grand prize is a 2018 Ford Focus. Tickets are $20 each and the Icettes Booster Club earns $10 for every ticket sold.  Last year we sold 57 tickets, earning $570 for the club.  


Tickets are available NOW to begin selling.  They are organized in packs of 5.  To be sure we collect all the money for the Rotary, we will need a check for $100 upfront for each pack of 5 tickets.  A check can be made out to Icettes Booster Club.  You can collect cash or checks from buyers.  Unsold tickets can be turned in and you can get the money back.  All ticket stubs and unsold tickets need to be turned in to Jessica Hooppaw by Oct. 5.  


Contact Jessica Hooppaw to arrange to get tickets at


icettes swag.jpg

Remember ticket sales count towards volunteer hours and that can equal prizes at the banquet!

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